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I just saw, that Robert Scoble has a post on his Scobleizer blog about the new layout at

In my browser (Minefield, Firefox 3a1, Gecko/20061214) the font used in the “blog of the minute” section is very hard to read. Not sure whether that’s a or Minefield issue though.

Update: I just viewed in IE6 and the font is the same there… strange.

Update 2:
Matt Thomas requested a screenshot of it. The rest of you can see a screenshot of it here. Just click the thumbnail below.

Update 3: Problem solved! After an e-mail from Matt I tried to change the font smoothing in Windows XP from standard to ClearType. And that did it! Still, this is the first web page, that I have discovered this. But now it is readable, and that’s the most important thing :-) – thumbnail below. - how it should look

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  1. Hi Lars,

    I installed the latest Minefield on Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.4, and the display seems to be alright. If you’d like, send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing to the email address I provided, and I’ll try to take a look.


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